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Special 5mtr and 9 Mtr certifications for pleasure and boat owners please click here.

MV Cominoland

Dive Location: Xatt l-Ahmar, Gozo
Diver Level: AOWD
Dive Max Depth: 42m
Dive Access: Shore Dive
Dive Type: Wreck Dive
Description: The MV Cominoland is one of the latest wrecks that was scuttled by the Maltese government. She was sunk in August 2006 to even further increase diving tourism in Gozo. She started as a British Miner in 1942 and became a passenger an car ferry between Gozo and Comino. She could load more than 400 passengers and 10 cars and in all her years as a ferry no accidents happened. She died because of age when the Maltese government decided to scuttle here in front of Xatt L-Ahmar. She was renamed from Minor Eagle (1968), Cominoland (1976), Jylland II (1980) and again to her final name the Cominoland. 
She is easily reached by descending a ladder and swimming about 50 meters out into the sea. The visibility is often that good that you can see the 36 meter deep wreck from the surface. Not many fish and no coral have formed yet, so when you are done with the wreck visit the reef near the shore where some nice examples of macroscopic life can be found.


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