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Special 5mtr and 9 Mtr certifications for pleasure and boat owners please click here.

St. Peter's Cave

Dive Location: Near Ras ir-Raheb
Diver Level: AOWD
Dive Max Depth: 60m+
Dive Access: Boat Dive
Dive Type: Cave Dive
Description: This dive has to be done by boat and to go for it you will travel half of the west cost were you can see the butte of the cliffs that they surround the west cost of Malta. The boat will stay on drift and drop divers near the entrance of the cave at a depth of 25m. The cave has a different exit point from were you enter it, this because you go in then at the end of it you will find a chimney that goes up to 12m and you can go out from the upper cave. On the outside you will find a sear wall that goes down to 65m on a sandy bottom that keep on going down in a sloppy bottom. This dive site is untouched from human and divers. Here you can find lot of coral with lot of fish like tuna, gropers, barracuda, rays and many more. Good dive to do on Nitrox 32% it’s also good for Tec Diving


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